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J.Cocoa make internationally award winning single origin bean to bar chocolate, in Hassocks, West Sussex. Using only the finest cocoa beans from around the world, directly trading with cocoa famers and growers to ensure they receive a true premium for their crops of heritage heirloom cacao varieties.



Dormouse Chocolates was born to expand on the background of our professional chocolate maker, Isobel. Fully trained in the process of bean to bar chocolate making and the fascinating history behind it while working for a luxury chocolate brand, this passion is now being used to create a line of bars and and other treats.

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Éponine is an artisanal producer of luxury chocolates, confectionery and patisserie, based in North West England. The company was founded in 2013 by husband and wife team Chris & Natalie, who swapped jobs in science for a life of chocolate. Their creations have gone on to receive international acclaim, collecting over 30 awards in 3 years.

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Anisa is a small-batch craft chocolate maker in Ely, Cambridgeshire. Starting with the cocoa bean, making sure it's of fine quality and traceable. So you have delicious tasting chocolate that you know has been ethically sourced. There are a minimum amount of ingredients in her bars. No soy, no added oils, no unnecessary preservatives. Each bar tells a story. Its flavour reflects its terroir and the love and effort that has been put into growing the cocoa and transfroming it into the final product.

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Audrey started pastry in 2013 at the age of 21, in France, as an apprentice at Sadaharu Aoki. After which she gained experience in different pastry shops and restaurants in Europe and Australia. While pastry has always been a passion, the interest for chocolate came along the way and became her main focus. The idea of making her own chocolate came from research about the chocolate industry and the will to make a change in the way chocolate is sourced and handled.



After completing the École Chocolat Professional Chocolatier Programme and equipped with a broad knowledge of the history of chocolate and the means by which to create her own, Zara began experimenting in her home kitchen. Fusing different flavours and finding unique pairings to combine with high quality chocolate cemented Zara’s passion for this path and she resolved to continue learning and improving. Her closest friends and family didn’t feel too hard done by in their role as official tasters either!



I have always loved making things by hand and my decision to learn how to make chocolate was an extension of that. It was hard work as small batch chocolate making is a kind of alchemy, it’s a tricky substance and those early days involved a lot of trial and error and beginner’s luck. My first attempts tasted good and this encouraged me on to learn more.



Ours is an unparalleled story that begins almost 200 years ago, in 1827, when Vicente Franceschi Vicentelli arrived to Venezuela in search of his passion and, thus, began working with cacao. It reached a turning point when the sixth generation of the family decided to work on something new: to seek the scents and flavors behind those exceptional cacaos, to turn them into extraordinary chocolate, and to deliver joy along with them.



Cocoa Retreat began when my lifelong passion for great chocolate brought me back to the original bean.
Crafting bars from single estate and heirloom varietals from around the world allows me to explore and celebrate the best cacao in every season.
Just as more and more people are enjoying the pleasures of artisan breads and farmhouse cheeses, specialist coffees and locally-brewed craft beers, chocolate lovers are exploring the delights of bean to bar through a small but growing number of expert chocolate makers like Cocoa Retreat.



A Single-Origin, Bean to Bar Chocolate Maker based in London. 

I work directly with cocoa farmers, cocoa associations and small cocoa producers, offering a transparent trade, benefiting the local communities and guaranteeing the cacao origins, sustainability and quality.
'Mayoy' means friend in our ancestral language – we love making friends and sharing our Cacao expertise and passion everywhere we go! We hope you enjoy and love our Cacao as much as we do!



Northern Ireland's first bean to bar craft chocolate makers and the oldest in Ireland. NearyNógs chocolate is small batch crafted on the Mourne Coast.  Our family friendly chocolate factory has breathtaking views of the Irish Sea, Carlingford Lough & the Mourne Mountains.  We take great pride in our chocolate making.  Every process is meticulously controlled so that every cacao beans' origin, of fine flavour, shines through.



We liken chocolate making to Italian cooking— when it comes to ingredients, less is more. The fresher and finer the better. It is the subtle differences in your process that make the dish. We intend to have the purest, fine flavoured bars, by never diluting our chocolate with cacao butter or adding unnecessary ingredients. Making chocolate with just two ingredients is a much more difficult process and requires more skill in tempering and moulding, but it also means our bars fully express the quality of the outstanding beans we use.